Youth Sports Performance

Our youth training program is built upon our core 4 sports performance training pillars. These are Strength Training, Speed & Agility, Plyometrics, and Aerobic/Anaerobic Conditioning. Whatever your primary sport is, your performance will benefit from these classes and you can choose to attend more of one of these classes than another if that aligns with your primary sport, however we recommend attending all the different classes to create a well rounded athlete.

Elite Athlete Training Program

The Elite Athlete training program allows you to take part in our youth sports performance classes. We have two different membership options, The Elite Athlete Platinum Plan allows you unlimited attendance to any of our youth classes. The Elite Athlete Gold Plan allows you to attend one class per week from our youth class program. You can sign up for either membership by clicking on the option you’d like below.

Personal Training or Small Group Sessions

Hire a personal trainer and work one on one, or in a small group of up to 4 people. You can hire a trainer to help you in your weight loss and fitness goals, or if you are an athlete you can work with a PT to improve a specific aspect of your game to reach your athletic potential. These personalized training programs are ideal for anyone wanting to push themselves to the next level in either their health or sports performance goals. Metrics will be assessed at the start of your program and measured on a regular basis to see how you are developing and which areas need extra attention.